Friday, November 24, 2006

american airlines:bring the baby a bottle of milk FIRST

We just got back from a mini family vacation. My dad took my two children and my sisters two kids plus three adults to St. Thomas. I spent three days swimming at Magens bay. It was a fabulous place to go with the kids. We all loved it. When my sister and her husband finally arrived I was actually able to swim without a kid in my arms, and I WENT ON KAYAK! I love kayaking. The last time I got to go was about five years ago.

So my worst return trip nightmare came true and I survived! We all went to the bathroom on the plane together. That is right this amazing mommy managed to squeeze a 31 lb 1 year old, a 38 lb 3 year old and a big ole mamma in the airplane bathroom. I was forced to bring the whole family. As the flight help people on American Airlines did not seem to care that I was flying alone with two very young children. They even refused to bring me milk for the baby until the tray came our way. By the time the tray came to our seat (we were in the middle of the plane) they had to go to the back of the plane twice and the front of the plane once just to fill a sippy and a bottle. If they had only brought it sooner....but they waited and my oldest was out of his mind at that point wanting MILKY! Much to the (UDDER) dismay of the entire cabin. Why did they make me wait? It wasn't like I could bring ANY LIQUIDS ONTO THE PLANE!!! Stupid wanks!

Back to the story at hand- The baby had a huge poop which my oldest son managed to share with the entire plane in repeat cycle about 15 times. Thus shaming me to get up and bring everyone to the bathroom just after the milk arrived. I had to make the mad dash then or I would end up stuck behind the food tray that was due next.

So we get to the bathroom and the baby barely fit on the table. I changed him as quick as I could without breaking his neck on the board and did so almost neatly. Next came the big boy, he had to poop too! Silly me I thought he only had to pee. Imagine trying to clean that! Next came momma, I didn't have to poop, or pee, I had to do something else which I have decided not to mention. Suffice to say it was not easy to do and my three year old was fascinated by the entire process. But I did it! I mean-Yes we did it! we did it together! Hooray! (to quote from Dora.)

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Kate said...

wow, that's a feat! one for the record books.