Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Stupid double stroller wouldn't fit thru the school door, but I managed to carry THE WORLDS LARGEST BABY (As my friend Casey calls him-and at 13 months weighing in at approx 31 lbs she is probably correct.), and get the three year old to stick close as we voted. My older son thought we were going to "boat", he couldn't understand why we were not near water. I tried to explain democracy to him and he said "hey there's a playground".

Anyway at 10am I was #77. Happily finished voting we ran off to the library-where apparently some people steal photos of kids, make obnoxo comments about moms going to the library with their kids, voting and a lot of other lamo comments.

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Mrs. Chicky said...

Going to boat! Ha! That's the cutest thing I've heard all day.