Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chickarina Progresso Soup

An open letter to General Mills makers of Progresso soups.

Dear Progresso soup company,

Why must you fill your soup with that toxic supplement MSG? As a full time working mom I sometimes must be quickly creative in my dinner menu. I chose Chickarina one day at the supermarket neglecting to look at the label. MY kids LOVE the soup, but I don't love what I found on the label, MSG. So I beg you remove this from the product and while you are at it the equally disturbing corn syrup...when I make soup I don't add MSG or corn syrup and my kids LOVE it! I am sure Progresso fans will love this deletion from your soup also since it will be a much healthy version of a traditional classic.

I used to only serve Health Valley soups as a backup. But lately they have changed the flavor to an over use of BLACK PEPPER - on top of that I got the beef soup once and there was only one small piece of beef in it and it was marbleized with FAT.


Working Mom


Anonymous said...

I went to a Cuban restuarant one time and had a most delicious black bean and rice soup. I found I could make it at home by using Progresso's Black Bean Soup, some cooked rice, freshly chopped onions and Breakstone's sour cream.
It made a great,inexpensive non-meat lunch or dinner. Now I can't find the Black Bean soup in any grocery store. What happened to it? Nothing else worked as well or as quickly.

Roberta said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but... isn't it your fault in the first place for not reading the label before you served it to your children? That excuse doesn't fly with me, as you need to check the label before you try anything new for yourself AND your children. Don't attack the company for your incompetence. If the soup had MSG in it, and it was nowhere to be found on the label, than yes, that would be a major issue. It was labeled, so therefore the consumer is at fault, not the manufacturer. That's like someone buying their children an M rated game, then whining to the company that made the game, when it was the parents fault for not doing the research themselves. I guess it's easier to just pass the buck onto a big corporation instead of taking the blame yourself, and admitting that you in fact were wrong, and should have been more careful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anonymouus above sure over-reacted! She isn't blaming Progress for her choosing a soup with MSG. She is asking them to consider taking MSG out of the soup as it's both unhealthy and unnecessary. Calm down. You really are nitpicking.

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