Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A reason to Boycott Delta!

Mir from blogher posted about Delta Airlines:

Please get your breasts out of our friendly skies

By Mir from WCS, 1:51 am, Wed 15 Nov 2006

I fly Delta Airlines all the time, but I'm thinking that I might not for much longer. Why? Well, apparently they kicked a woman off a flight for breastfeeding her baby.

good enough for me NEVER TO FLY DELTA AGAIN!
(Sorry Sean I know you work for them.....but they suck.)

I will be flying American this week and we shall see how they react. My 14 month old will need to nurse during take off and he is the size of a 2 year old....oh and I never use a blanket to nurse with him because he pulls it right off and starts playing with my nipple and laughing!

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Blog Junkie said...

This article was unbelievable. I posted a link on my site, too. Thanks for sharing.