Thursday, November 30, 2006

They should call themselves: OFFICE OF THE UNEMPLOYED

I am really starting to enjoy this stay at home shit. It is getting better every day, especially when I get to shower in the morning and drink a full cup of coffee.

So NYS dept of workforce freaks sent me a credit card/atm with money on it for my unemployment benefits. Yippee! Just in time for the holidays. 8 crazy nights plus Christmas in my house! Hows that for overdoing it? We try to be cool and not go nuts, plus the money will really help with the BILLS. But the fucks are making me go to a training session on finding a job.

I have only been out of work for a month and I just got my first unemployment cashola and now they want me to go on a Tuesday at 1 without even asking my opinion. We had to cut the daycare back to MWF only so as not to lose the kids spots, but also so if I have an interview there is a place for them to be. Now employment picks a date for me - nervy skanks - and what do I do? Bring the kids to the employment office? In their double stroller? What am I supposed to do?If I reschedule I could lose some money? Some crazy ass nonsense like that. I mean we can't AFFORD to send the kids to daycare everyday now and really what would be the sense of that if we did? I really am enjoying my children for once. Hell the baby is finally talking and is a total blast I don't want to miss out on this if I can help it.

Ok so what is the main complaint? That employment picks the date and time-I mean what if I had a JOB INTERVIEW on that date...why don't they ask? Ugh I can't wait to go and check it out. I am sure it will be worthy of a good post.


SFSweetness said...

why don't you switch out the daycare and bring them on Monday, Tuesday, Friday? or some configuration that works for you?

I did a lot of the job training stuff at unemployment and a lot of it was more helpful than I thought. In SF, they do have some really good resources at the Unemployment office.

Roberta said...

the point which I didn't make very clearly is that I am annoyed that they just make an appointment for me. And, they add that if I don't go to that one I should come at a later date, but that this will probably interfere with my $$. In fact they don't really encourage calling to make an appointment at all. It is just come at this time or else....