Tuesday, November 14, 2006

fear of flying

I haven't posted in awhile - we are getting ready to go away for a family get together in St Thomas. The whole story of this trip is kind of interesting, but also too much to write about. All in all it is a free trip that I am having difficulty with because of the circumstances related to it. However I am also looking forward to being with my extended family.

I am also nervous about flying home alone with the kids. My dad will be with me on the flight down, its the return flight that makes me nervous. What do you do if you are on a 3hr plane ride w/ a recently potty trained 3 year old and a 14 month old that weighs 31 lbs. The bathroom will not accomodate all of us! I am a every two hr. pisser....oh jeez. Will the airline people watch a baby? I am thankful to get away. I was hoping this will jump start my career search...or maybe turn me into an instant new talent for finding a different type of job, or just have fun. My sister and her kids will also be there so I am looking forward to seeing them also. I am bummed my husband can't join us.


Blog Junkie said...

Ahhh, I am so jealous. I could erally use a getaway. At least it will probably refuel your juices. Have a geat time!

Mandy said...

rock on roberta!
have fun - and you better bring a sippy cup for that little one just in case :-)

Roberta said...

Hi Mandy! was smart or at least I tried to be. I packed sippy's and bottles and once I got onto the plane I COULD NOT FIND THEM!!!