Friday, November 03, 2006


The story you will read from the NYT is so horrible I had to post about it. I cannot stop thinking about these kids. The story is by SHARON LaFRANIERE, she also narrates the
the video that moved me. I want to share it with anyone who reads this blog.

I have always been passionate about human rights, but mostly about the rights of children. I think if we as a global community are going to evolve in a compassionate and loving way we need to figure out how to protect and keep children out of harm. Whether this be in catching internet predators here in the US to keeping children in Africa out of indentured servitude, preventing children from being abducted, keeping young children safe from being turned into sex slaves all over different parts of the world, or overhalling the current system we have here in the US for foster care kids. I really believe as a culture, a nation a community that we must keep children safe. They are more than our future they are life. If children continue to be abused in such a way than the cycle of abuse will not simply continue, it will grow and become worse.

It has to stop somewhere and I am grapsing here, but I need to know that some where some how I / We can make a difference here and help to make some changes on this planet. I will take my free time to research and post about this subject and ways people can help. I will also post things that will be disturbing, but important for people to view to understand the severity of this problem. I want to make this committment, because I believe in the right to having a happy and healthy childhood for every child everywhere.

For now here are links supplied by the NYT for helping end global poverty


Blog Junkie said...

Saw that story as well. Haven't had time to read the whole thing. But I am equally moved by the conditions of children's lives in other parts of the world. However, as far as Africa, it is the corrupt government that is mostly to blame. And there is plenty of poverty right under our noses here in the US. Specifically the kids of the Hurricane Katrina victims, which the NYT Mag ran a photo essay on that a few weeks ago. Did you see that one? That was totally shocking, too.

Roberta said...

yeah, I did see that one and was totally blown away by it. I've got family down there and have been hearing stories from them also.