Thursday, November 09, 2006

OMG I forgot to sign up for UNEMPLOYMENT

I haven't been able to blog in awhile seeing as I am now unemployed and have two children to entertain while I am home. We went to the zoo today and watched the bison try to play with the elk. Only the elk was too chicken to play. The train wasn't working and half the cool animals that my son wanted to see were gone b.c. it was too cold. So we went to the playground and I watched him race around this giant death trap with a gazillion other children who were much older. He of course fearless ran like a wild child and had a blast.

At one point a hysterical mother arrived fearing she lost her child. Apparently she walked away for a bit to do something (smoke a joint?) and told her 5 year old to keep an eye on the 2 year old. I am guessing the ages here by size. Anyway she is calling up someone on her cell, all the other parents are trying to help her look and finally she sees her kid. We were all thankful for that, but she says to no one in particular, "my mother had a dream I was going to lose you at the park" and I was thinking to myself, maybe that's because your mom knows you let your 5 year old watch the 2 year old.... I am not trying to be judgemental here but the place was packed and the kids were running around like crazed animals. Hows a 5 year old going to stayf focused in a situation like that.

Today was a beautiful sunny 65 degree east coast fall kinda day. As far as the park being so crowded goes, I was surprised to see so many people not working. Dads, grandparents and mothers. I am guessing they are all not recently laid off like yours truly. I am beginning to think not working isn't so horrible after all. Oh except for the $$$ issue.

When we arrived home I decided since the boys were asleep in the car I could roll down the windows let them snooze and rake. How productive - I would rather work outside than try to clean or cook. Four bags for the driveway alone. I figured all that exercise should be worth one beer. Right?

Shizer, I just recalled I am supposed to sign up for unemployment. I just don't want to-I will though we need the $$$$. I haven't heard back from my interview Monday. The job seems too grown up for me, but still I'd like to have the second interview to decide on my own.

Spouseometer is home now and he cooked up a mean quesadilla. He's watching curious george while I get a break. Halleafuckinlullah.

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