Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Butt Paste for Everyone!

Last night well, lets just say I don't recall sleeping very well. Somewhere in the middle of the night I woke my husband up and told him to take the baby, that I just couldn't handle it anymore. The baby was nursing all night long for comfort. Everytime I put the damn binky in his mouth is spit it out and started sputtering. He soudned like a lawn mower that wouldn't start. My boobs and my hip needed a break. John took him out and I fell back to sleep for probably five seconds when I realized the older guy had also climbed into bed with us an was now tossing and turning. Why you ask? Well because we ran out of pull ups last night and I figured lets give this a whirl. Maybe if we get him to pee before bed he will stay dry all night-no such luck. My kid is a big pisser. We both woke up in a puddle.

I quickly changed him, threw down some towels and plopped down. Only to wake up again to a horrible chirping sound-the alarm....and the baby crying again. Teething is a drag for all parties. His tush is raw and his gums are sore. Butt paste for everyone!

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