Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nipples on Ice

I was trying to read and post at the same time while nursing my baby. He kept popping his head off saying "mama?,mama!" like dammit pay attention to ME not the computer. I was feeling unsentimental and ignored him, I mean why can't a boob be enough???? I kept trying to cut and paste some links etc, at one point he completely fell off my lap, but was able to stand and staying nursing. In fact he never let go! Says alot about how horribly flexible motherhood has made my breasts. Anyway-I am almost done comments and everything when he clamps down and laughs at me as I cry out. I mean his little teeth are like vampire vice grips! OUCH! I said to him boobie bye bye and of course he cried-so I let him back on even though I swear he smirked when I said no biting....

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