Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My very first time

WVWV PSAs I was young, in college and so very ready. My friends and I were prepared, well read and informed. We new this was something essential to our futures and well we knew we were ready to DO IT. Really, eighteen years is a long time to wait.

Together we walked to our polling spot in Amherst, MA. It was a crisp fall day. Senator Kennedy was running and I was so excited. It would be my first time alone in a voting booth, having watched my parents do it for years. Afterwards pulling the lever and letting the curtain fall open I felt oddly dissapointed. It wasn't even presidential. Everything was over so quickly. I kept going over and over each step in my head- did I pull the right levers? Did I press the right buttons?

It wasn't until I matured some and realized that afterplay was also important. Watching the country turn red or blue on really does add to the excitement.

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