Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The interview

I go for another interview tomorrow with a different MD. I hope this one works out. Here is what I want: A part time job with a full time salary! HA HA

Ok how a bout a job where I work 8-3 everyday and when my kids go to regular school from 8-2:30. I want to be able to get a 401k,disability insurance,life insurance,education incentive,free onsite daycare-and 4 weeks vacation-paid. Hey if I got all this I could have another kid! Plus I want my husband to get the great paying job where we don't have to worry about mine anyway. So I can quit mine and write.

I so badly want a new career choice-I am putting this out there in hopes that change will come my way-here is to not being afraid of CHANGE! ( and I don't mean those annoying dimes and nickles at the bottom of my bag)

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