Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fountain o' Puke

Oh my god I so wanted to write a post last night, but I passed out in a puddle of drool. One beer and I am a gonner. How pathetic!

Well after coming home late from work and picking up the kids I thought it was going to be a great night. I mean hell it was a Friday night! Until my 3 year old coughed until he puked into the garbage pail. The little guy was imitating his big brother by coughing also. Later we sat down on the couch and the little one coughed some more. I said and I quote "what are you doing? imitating your brother?" and before I could get brother out fully he opened up his little cherub mouth and a fountain of puke poured out of him. Projectile style! The mix of curdled milk and other gross stuff ended up in my cupped hands, all over him, me and the couch. (I thought I was going to catch the puke! silly me.) I implored the three year old to pull himself away from the tv to grab a paper towel. He finally did and couldn't pull it off the roll-that is when I started gagging and almost joined in on the pukey party. The night just seemed to go downhill after that....

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