Monday, October 02, 2006

Things I Should Remember

As I bent down to pick up all the plastic container tops my one year old flung out of the cabinet with glee-I noticed the dirt and stains on the floor and cabinets. I quickly compiled everything together hoping he wouldn't notice I was putting them away. I was thinking about how stressed out I am about finding a job, about how hard it is being the primary wage earner for the family and wondering will I be able to get another job that pays so well? And thinking, how could they(my employers) do this to me after all I have done for them?

My son crawled over to me stood up,put his arms around me and proceeded to hug and kiss me with such sweetness that I couldn't help but think, that this was what I should be remembering, this was what I should be thinking about. I hugged him back and held onto him as he pounded my back, and I realized just how happy I truly am.

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Blog Junkie said...

It's true after all the on-goings with work you can lose sight of the important stuff. I am, too the primary wage earner for our family, and it's harder for women because mommyhood just doesn't stop for us even though we are also out in the workforce. It's different for men. My son races out the front door when he sees me pull up in the driveway from work, and although it is sometimes exhausting, I have to remember that they will not be young forever and will someday not come running out the door upon my arrival.