Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NJ Supreme Court - take a vote/UPDATE

So the blog feministe has the complete update on how the vote went. Please read their post as it is way more complete analysis of the vothe than I could ever do here.

I am not really sure if it classifies as a yeah or nay but being hopefully optimistic on this matter I will say it is a yeah????. Thanks for the comments below. I am glad I didn't get any homophobic gay bashing stuff. That would've been totally pathetic and sad.

Ok, so I know a am being optimistic here, but I HOPE the NJ Supreme court will vote yes for Gay Marriage. What is your say on this? Yea, or Nay and why? Please feel free to post your comments below. GO Supreme Court GO!!!!!!


Blog Junkie said...

As a former resident of NJ, I would have to say that it would not surprise me if the vote passes. Regardless of all the bureaucracy going on in that state, the air is mostly liberal.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope so. Imagine pretending that church & stay are not integrally connected in this country? Health benefits, death benefits, all family benefits from adoption to riding in the ambulance with a loved one...why do people care when love is the central theme? How can they make love ugly and wrong in the name of God? But I live in MA where we support Gay Marriage (for now...)

Roberta said...

I love MA, wish I was still there in the oh so happy valley!