Monday, October 30, 2006

I think I am in love with Tony Blair

Go! PM Tony Blair Go! I heard this thru the BBC on NPR this am. Per Mr. Blair :

Climate change fight 'can't wait'

I really hope the US takes a good look at this and we start to change policy and maybe even go back and SIGN THE KYOTO AGREEMENT!!!


Nemesis said...

While Tony Blair's aims are laudable, it needs to be pointed out that his proposed methods of tackling the problem are not.

Their answer to the problem is not to throw money at it for research and development into alternative power, penalties on polluting companies, etc. No, their flash of genious is to hit the man in the street with yet more taxes.

Instead of offering drivers of smaller cars a tax cut, they're going to INCREASE tax on drivers of larger cars. Then they are adding tax on flight tickets and instead of lowering fuel costs when the price of oil drops, they are going to skim the excess off the top and leave gas prices as they are.

I get the impression that the declared fight against climate change is just a means to an end. I.e, another money maker.

Roberta said...

Please I thought he was going to be the good guy in all of this, someone has to start somewhere to get the US to move it...

SFSweetness said...

I think you must be thinking of Richard Branson...the change is going to come from wealthy business men, not from governments. Once they prove that there is a new green economy in alternative energy and there are billions to be made, people will get on board.